Rubik's Check 3D Files

Contains STL, STEP, MP4, PNG, AI, and PDF files

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Material List:

3D printed pieces: Center QTY 6, Side QTY 12, Corner QTY 8, Center QTY 1
Stickers: The template is sized to order from StickerApp's "Onsheet" stickers
M3 x 18mm Bolt QTY 6
M3 Nylon Locking Nut QTY 6
Springs 5mmD x 6mm QTY6 or salvage springs from a click pen

There are four STLs to print: the core, corner, side, and center. I recommend printing with a .25mm nozzle and a .15 or .1 layer height. Printing with a fine resolution will help make the puzzle spin smoother. I followed this tutorial to create and assemble the print. I also included the STEP file if you want to modify the size, holes, etc. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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