Hay Bale Sofa

Growing up we would have a big family reunion at my great grandma’s farm in Kentucky. My cousins and I would spend all day exploring the barn filled with rusty old tools and equipment, but our favorite part of the barn was the loft. We’d move around the bales, building structures to create our secret hideout. I loved the way we used hay bales as building blocks and I felt compelled to explore how a sofa system could look inspired by this nostalgic memory.

The Hay Bale Sofa System uses straps to hold cushions in a variety of configurations. The tension of the straps and quilted cushions mimic the pillowing shape of hay bound in twine. The simplicity of the single cushion allows anyone to expand or reconfigure the seating. Two single chairs can become an armchair. Two armchairs can become a sofa and ottoman. The tan leather ties back to the golden hay bales, but can work in various materials and finishes.


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