Daze Collection

I was invited by Wojtech Błaszczyk of Sedno Studio to design a sofa collection for Kler. Wojtech was in charge of art directing a line of contemporary sofas to bring new ideas into company's rich Polish heritage. I was traveling at the time and always get the window seat when I fly. It never gets old to me, gazing out the window and admiring the clouds below. How wonderful would it be to lay down on clouds? Inspired, I created a concept around the idea of cushions floating in the sky. I envisioned the sofa floating away like a balloon while the legs came down to hold everything in place.

The Daze collection features several voluminous cushions that appear to float above the ground anchored down by bent steel legs. The collection is comprised of multiple modular and standalone pieces that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. Kler offers the system in several fabrics and finishes allowing for full customization.


Client: Kler

polyurethane foam, wood, fabric, steel
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